The best life coaching experiences begins with weekly coaching sessions. Once your situation begins to improve, depending on your needs, you will meet every other week with your life coach. This gives you time to complete your needs without stress.

Sessions are a structured approach using mental maintenance, which you focus to shift your mindset to take action using intent.


3 Months

6 sessions

6 Months

12 sessions

12 Months

24 sessions

All packages include:

  • Free email support
  • Check-ins & updates
  • Goal setting strategies to help to remain on target and focus
  • Motivation to make changes by gaining unwavering support

Life Coaching is a personal investment… in YOU.

Studies show that the most successful people around the world know the benefit to invest in themselves. And be confident, life coaching is a well-paid investment that can give you a return on your dollars spent many times over.

Life Coaching is not just for the wealthy, athletes, or corporate executives; it’s for any person or group who are wise enough to realize the benefit of objective eyes.

You can have the house, cars, luxury items, clothes, etc., but it is unlikely these things can make you happy and a fulfilled person.


You may want to increase your lifestyle and gain more freedom to be financially stable and help others in the process. Life coaching can offer that opportunity, only if you are willing to invest in yourself rather than stuff.

Which package is best for you?