A combination of life experiences, education, motivation, and accountability is used with person to person skills in being a spiritual life coach. You will experience sessions that are structured, action oriented, and focused on your desired outcomes.

You will work with your life coach in any area of your life to transform and get improvements with 100% assistance. You can get crystal clear about what you REALLY want now, in a non-judgmental environment of support. When you get the clear vision, we will knock down and breakthrough any blockades that had you stuck and shift your mindset in possible realistic outcomes.

Coaching sessions are done via phone or SKYPE. Individuals anywhere on this planet can get the help desired.


There are thousands of life coaches. We all have various skill sets and intentions, and if you think we resonate with each other. Then we should move forward and talk.

We can work together and you can see results if:

  • You’re open minded and ready for change.
  • You feel excited at the thought of making changes in your life.
  • You want to place goodness back into your life and the world.
  • You believe you exist for a greater purpose than just existing.
  • Personal responsibility is the key to success.

At Butterfly Reflections, we believe that GOD has a purpose for each and every one of us. Life is short and now is the time to become your true inner self. The true person that you were born to be, no matter who you are!

Now, you’ve read all of the above, let’s connect and chat today.

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