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    Maximize Your Full Potential

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    Be Your Purpose

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    You Can Live a Better Life


Spiritual life coaching is a holistic approach to achieve improvements in areas of your life, towards living happier and fuller. We all have areas in our lives to energize the sleeping giant in you by actively using your mind to create “where you want to be”. 

With the personal support of private coaching sessions, you get clarity about your life, identify your BIG dreams, and your next take steps. Begin to change your life immediately, you CAN take leadership and control or your career, health, or relationships for where you are today, to where you want to be. At Butterfly Reflections, we can help you to unleash the energy inside you and create the life you dream. It is your own design for a personal development blueprint.

● Help design a plan to achieve your life goals.

● Find your passion.

● Eliminate obstacles that stand in your way to live on purpose.

● Partner with you all the way to success to make an impact.

Having a life coach will help you live off of responses and not emotions, which can tear the wall of clarity into pieces.   Most people make decisions in a emptional process which prompts a series of actions, which may not be the best route for a decisions.  A life coach can help you process your steps with more understanding and depth to guide your next steps in the correct direction of being in a reaction process.

"Make today the day to unravel your plan."  


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Get clarity to make decisions 
that work for you without being caught up in just making a living.

Take your journey to live 
your passion. Identify where you need to excel to achieve your balance of self and passion.

Leave the baggage of your 
past behind. Attract the relationships that you want. Get clarity on what you need in relationships and how to achieve it. Get clear on what stops you and how to avoid obstacles.

Why does spiritual life coaching work so well?

  • Take time out (get off the treadmill) to look at your life.
  • Learn exactly why your life is not working.
  • Get clear about what you want from your life.
  • Design inspiring yet believable goals for you.
  • Find hidden beliefs that drive your self-limiting behavior.
  • Fight distractions to stay focus and get positive results.
  • Take action!


You will achieve the results that you want, Butterfly Reflections coaching will empower you with the insight, focus, and accountability you need.


People who want to discover passion and deepen awareness around key issues to achieve success. Move forward.


Enormous success means enormous action takes place. Thirst is a powerful characteristic all successful people share. They seek resources to reach, retain, and maintain their edge.